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Intha Market

View work from the Intha Market in Myanmar

An extension of the Guatemala series, these vignettes explore a tribes from the other side of the globe. Subjected to one of the most severe regimes in the world, Intha and Shan people demonstrate incredible resilience. As we revive traditional techniques of growing and consuming food here in the US, I feel there is much to learn from those who, out of necessity, maintain strong links to their traditions.

right: Intha market - Myanmar

Resilience in the face of Globalization


Starting with stone lithographs of lush forest, these mixed media works on paper were truck-tracked with fresh tar, then torn into small squares. They serve as a foundation that speaks to the situation imposed on the Maya: pushed off their land and treated like slaves on plantation style agricultural production facilities owned by multinational corporations. They fill US demands for cheap commodities which comes at a severe cost to both people and the environment. The texture of tar is an echo of the continuing destructive influence of these corporations. Tar is made from oil which also makes up the petrochemicals used in the style of agriculture that is decimating the environment.

Somehow, Mayan culture is not decimated. They maintain an incredible dedication to tradition, working in harmony with the environment. Ancient customs are manifested through the colorful and intricate weavings which are worn with pride. These portraits are of Mayan women from the highlands market in Chichicastenango. Exploring a wide range of human emotion from being weary and hurt to looking forward with hope, the vignettes are intended to explore the breadth and range of emotional textures in this community.

Dairy Center for the Arts
Our Global Village
May - June, 2013 - Opening reception May 10
2590 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO

Bridging the Gap - New exhibit tells immigrants' unheard stories by Aimee Heckel, Boulder Daily Camera

Borders & Boundaries
October 2012
Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque NM

Biennial of the Americas
2010 - Denver

right: espera - tar, sharpie, watercolor & pencil over torn lithograph

in Utero

ink self portraits at eight months



right: 8 months in untero - ink on paper - source photo: Rhy Jouett

Lee Lee - pregnancy ink drawing

war mom

Proud mother of a Sergeant Combat Medic OIF Vet stationed in Iraq

An exhibition of artwork that investigates issues of safety & community well-being
March 2010
ROOT DIVISION - San Francisco, CA

The Human Condition
September 2008
C Emerson Fine Art - St Petersburg, FL

right - combat medic's mom - mixed media on burnt collage


August 2005
Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado


Cisco Branding

Lazy Shamrock Ranch Branding


right: bulldoggin' (detail); oil on canvas


manifestations of African culture in Bolivia, Honduras, Cuba, United States & Paris



right: homme d'Afrique Ouest en les jardins Luxembourg; pencil, gesso & oil on paper